About Us

ER Esports is a pioneer esports enterprise arms with ER Corporation, ER Academy, ER Gaming (Car simulator and Omni VR) and ER News. The company focuses on integrated esports games and authentic sports, in order to bring those sports audiences into esports world and expand the number of esports participants, thus promoting esports to become one of the mainstream sports events, and achieve the ambition to let every citizens to be participated in esports.

ER Esports is committed to integrating e-sports games with real competitive sports, in order to bring sports audiences into the world of e-sports and expand the number of e-sports participants, thus promoting e-sports to become one of the mainstream sports projects, in order to promote the participation of all citizens in e-sports Concept. This year, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions and Olympic Committee announced that the car has officially become a Hong Kong sporting event. In order to fully support the sports-related sports, ER Esports announced a strategic partnership with Ali Sports WESG Hong Kong E-sports Festival to create Hong Kong’s first large-scale e-sports racing event. Joined the Ali Sports WESG 2018 Hong Kong E-sports Festival held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in early November and held the first qualifying round in Hong Kong Festival Walk in early October.

In addition, ER Esports will collaborate with the first car racing e-sports film, “Winning the Wind”, to host the “Winning x ER Esports Asian Electric Race Car Championship”. With the theme of “competing dreams”, the film is a story of a real professional racer who has portrayed a young racing game to break through the old shackles of the society and the obstacles of the family. In the play, the protagonist insists on the dream to the end, and creates the bloody spirit of the new era of e-sports. It is in combination with ER Esports to combine virtual and real competition, and to help more people to dream of a round driver dream. Through this event, ER Esports will fully support the Hong Kong e-sports event and “joint the dream” with Hong Kong!